faded glory

Create Downright Cozy Interiors with Vintage Farmhouse Decor

Like a pair of faded blue jeans, there’s something so comforting about a little wear and tear, especially in a home environment where a lived-in feel has major appeal for many. One way to get the look is with vintage charm from weathered and worn pieces with patina that adds character. A nice roundup of rustic remnants and reproductions lets you capture that quintessential farmhouse feel—a trend that seems destined to stay.

Classic farm relics get your message across in a big way, like those laidback finds in the form of buckets and troughs that can serve a new purpose. The former can hold pillows and throws, while the latter can keep your stash of books and magazines in order. Other objects that simulate a rural setting include everything from an old wooden ladder to a stack of sturdy fruit crates.


The natural age progression of authentic vintage wares results in a look as unique as DNA, so it’s a good idea to score an older piece whenever possible. In addition, historical stories and the thrill of the hunt are just part of the charm of unearthing these treasures at flea markets, secondhand shops, estate sales, and more.

On the other hand, reproductions can sometimes be a more affordable option and they’re much easier to find, especially if you are searching for something specific like a big advertising sign or multiples of a particular accent piece, such as Mason jars. Using a combination of reproduction and authentic pieces is never a bad move. In fact, when you merge your old and new selections, it can be harder to distinguish one from the other.


Functional finds that lend a farmhouse feel include metal brackets that support reclaimed wood shelves to display coveted collections amassed over time. Add some vintage or vintage-inspired fabrics for curtains and pillows in classic patterns like stripes and checks that are as timeless as they are pleasing to the eye.

Though vintage lighting can be a great contributor, it may need some work. So be sure to consult a pro for rewiring or repair. Many reproduction fixtures can easily pass for their predecessors and be ordered in quantity to accommodate wider modern spaces like a kitchen island. An overhead pot rack is a great alternative to hang from the ceiling as a functional work of art.


A mix of materials, such as metal and wood, along with pops of color in the form of painted furniture can help you feel like you’re down on the farm. Add texture underfoot with faded rugs layered atop a simpler style like sisal.

An old fireplace mantel creates a great focal point, as do architectural remnants like metal grates that can be installed on a wall. In addition, vintage dishes en masse make a fabulous grouping when hung for display. Arrange them above a picnic table in a breakfast nook for a casual feel to be savored during carefree meals.




The fact that there are no hard-and-fast rules for a farmhouse aesthetic lets you have fun with the concept. Even animal themes can rule the roost; think a passion for pigs, crazy for cows, or happy for horses. A sheep motif can be a fun fit for any bedroom on sheets, wall decor, and more.

Lastly, architectural details like exposed wood beams and barnwood doors add character that helps cement the farmhouse feel while adding an informal yet sophisticated element to your decor. With a little help from perfectly aged interiors, you can welcome guests and put them at ease with quality, history, and comfort. Written by Jeanine Matlow. Photography provided by (clockwise, from top left) ©iStockphoto.com/florin1961, ©iStockphoto.com/kipgodi, ©iStockphoto.com/ Melnikof, ©iStockphoto.com/robynmac.

From Farm to Table

Even if you don’t live on a palatial parcel of land, you can use your dinner-party decor to set the farm-life stage for guests.

Start with a farmhouse table. Whether it’s an old relic you found online or a reproduction that will age through the years, either way it’s a keeper.

Add a rustic runner; burlap, perhaps? Or, you might try a flat sheet with a classic pattern like gingham.

Create a miniature farm vignette as a centerpiece featuring toy tractors and pickup trucks filled with florals and votives.

Use a mix of vintage and family heirloom dishes to create visual interest for each place setting.

Top it off with a bag of apples on each place setting as a tasty favor for guests to take home.